0 35mw vertical hot water boiler in Tashkent

0 35mw vertical hot water boiler in Tashkent

Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical boiler which brand? Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical boiler which brand? Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical boiler which brand? In general, the process of making choices we Pharmaceuticals boiler, also affected by brand, usually a relatively good boiler brand, which has a certain boiler in terms of quality and safety performance protection, but also more affected customers. Xiao Bian think a good brand boiler should have the following conditions: (1) the boiler design and production process is relatively good because of a durable boiler, basically in the beginning of production, will be in the material, process, technology there are aspects of strict checks, then have a strong foundation to talk about the late aspects of boiler quality. (2) equipment is relatively good, so-called advanced equipment, that the boiler in the production process by the use of equipment, boilers and auxiliary equipment, and other equipment associated with the boiler, have adopted a relatively good configuration, easy operation and post-boiler the stability, security. (3) relatively good service in this piece, both in the pre-sale or sale, you should stand on the customer's position to observe and think and solve the customer's actual needs and demands. Well, this also reflects some of the problems, Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical boiler brand may be more than one of the two, but good overall service, it allows us to have a better experience and sense of trust.

Hot water boiler maintenance during maintenance shutdown 0 35mw vertical hot water boiler in tashkent shutdown period: Xiao Bian below to introduce the hot water boiler maintenance fast boiler is well known in Henan, China's most northern end of the heating season is six months, from October 15 to 4 May 15. In industrial production, hot water boiler to the heating in winter can be used. After the winter heating season, the hot water boiler will be idle. To ensure the normal operation of the hot water boiler next year, can not relax to maintain idle period. 1. When idle, the boiler water is discharged and should be placed in a ventilated place. 2. Cracking furnace boiler for hot water maintenance problems, professionals should be repaired, if necessary Lubricate or anti-corrosion coating on the surface of the furnace. three. Different methods and disintegration downtime 1, boiler water drained, draining suction process when the boiler is shut down three days or less, ammonia and hydrazine before shutdown, feedwater PH value to 10 or more, and then a certain pressure the drainage furnace, keep the system dry. 2, the film formation method when the amine protecting the boiler stopped more than 4 days, the protective effect of the film formation is preferably an amine, such as stearyl amine protection, i.e. before the shutdown should be added to a suitable liquid to vapor octadecylamine protection system for protection. 4. Different methods used during the non-disintegration of the stop 1 and, maintaining the gas hot water boiler pressure method: discontinued within 1Od, discontinued before increasing ammonia, hydrazine dosage of the feed water to raise the pH above 10, to maintain the boiler pressure. 2, gas protection law: outage if more than 10 days, in the gas phase protection, protection of the boiler for a long time. Fifth, the gas hot water boiler shut down for maintenance Desiccant method, the boiler water temperature dropped to 100-120 (?) All C is discharged, the water in the furnace, the dry heat boiler metal surfaces, all of the scale, the slag within the system clean, and a desiccant to keep dry the metal surface, to prevent corrosion.

Fast boiler "the most beautiful woman welder" provincial welding contest won success, "the Sixth National employees vocational skills contest Henan welder trials," concluded successfully, our employees participate in the contest section slowly on behalf of the city. In the game, she had five hurdles will stand out from the province's 18 cities 45 contestants, good access to the provincial tournament eighth-place finish.

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The 1 ton steam boiler produced by CBM is a wns series fuel gas boiler, which is a fast-installed fire tube boiler. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, simple operation, energy saving economy, low cost, low nitrogen environmental protection and the like.

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