Coal Fired Boiler For Factory in Razdan

Coal Fired Boiler For Factory in Razdan

Since Prime Minister Li Keqiang in the "five" proposed "Blue Sky Wars," after the strategic plan states that China provinces and cities are doing to improve environmental protection. Jilin Provincial People's Government recently issued a "Jilin Province to implement the winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan to implement the program," coal-fired units will conduct a comprehensive reform.

Jilin Provincial People's Government recently issued a "Jilin Province to implement the winning Blue Sky Battle three-year action plan to implement the program" (hereinafter referred to as the "Program") said that before the end of 2018, the province's 300,000 kilowatts or more coal-fired units completed ultra-low emissions transformation. Continue to promote the 200,000 kilowatts class ultra low emission coal-fired unit renovation project, before the end of 2019, ultra-low emissions and strive to transform the province's total unit capacity of thermal power capacity of more than 75%.

"Program" also proposed to complete the transformation of ultra-low emission electricity generation units appropriate to increase the number of hours. Vigorously for shutting down environmental protection, energy consumption, safety and other 300,000 kilowatts coal-fired units of non-compliance. Coal-fired generating units to increase the technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate coal heating boiler pipe network coverage and the range of loose coal. In areas do not have the cogeneration district heating conditions, the existing multiple small coal-fired boilers, alternative construction of large-capacity coal-fired boilers in accordance with the principle of equal volume. Before the end of 2020, within a 15 km radius of 300,000 kilowatts of heating and cogeneration power plant above range, in the case of cogeneration heating load to meet the heating needs, in addition to the need to retain the peaking boiler, coal-fired heating boilers and small coal-fired thermoelectric behind all closed down integration.

In addition, long-term control of total coal consumption in accordance with planning requirements, Jilin Province, to continue to reduce the amount of coal consumption, coal consumption in new coal projects to implement alternative reduction, by 2020, reduce the proportion of coal accounting for the province's total primary energy consumption to 63% the following. According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-power coal, increase the proportion of electricity from coal, the state-assigned task is completed, the province's electricity by 2020, the proportion of thermal coal coal consumption reached more than 55%.

In the future, the province will carry out a comprehensive environmental aspects of governance, economic development and environmental protection go hand in hand.

Major effects of fuel on coal fired boiler for factory in razdan design

1.A wide range of coal properties can lead to over-sized pulverizing/firingequipmentwhich will in turn lead to a limitation on turn down and a possible increase in auxiliarypower consumption. This will also increase the furnace size and the SH and RH will need to be sized properly, which can be difficult at times, to get the rated outlet temperature.

2.Over-sizing of pulverize-rs and air heaters to handle occasionally high moisture coals will require excessive tempering air when handling normal moisture coals. Ultimately all these will result in higher gas outlet temperature, reducing the horizontal boiler efficiency.

3.The behavior of the ash during the combustion process and managing the coal-ash are the major issues in horizontal industrial boiler design. Deposition and slagging, heat transfer upsets, and fouling in convection passages are some of the major issues to be dealt during operation of the boiler.

The coal fired boiler for factory in razdan induced draft fan is the equipment that removes the flue gas from the boiler, this kind of machinery is actually the same in the working principle, but the impeller of the ventilator is installed in reverse, then the air will be transported according to the opposite direction. Gas such as carbon monoxide will be produced by incomplete combustion of coal in the process of boiler operation. If these gases are not eliminated in time, the efficiency of boiler will be affected.

The use of gas steam coal fired boiler for factory in razdan added to give businesses what benefits? National emphasis on energy conservation increased year by year, which also contributed to the gas steam boiler flourish among industry, under the premise of environmental policies and to efficiency gains, companies are willing to choose both energy-saving, and high thermal efficiency of gas-fired boiler. Gas steam boiler in addition to providing sufficient high-temperature steam, but also can reduce fuel cost by reducing the combustion load input. The use of gas steam boiler will bring any significant benefits, let's take a look. 1, the biggest benefit is the economic use of gas steam boiler can save a lot of fuel costs for businesses, you do not need to spend lots of money to purchase a large amount of coal fuel, just use good cleanliness of natural gas will be able to output enough steam; they also do not We need the fuel storage site, only need to connect to the pipeline. 2, security is well known that natural gas is a very safe and stable, non-toxic and pollution-free, good cleanliness of fuel, liquefied petroleum gas or gas leak after not deposited on the ground, and even cause accidents will burn again. Process gas steam boiler during conveying gas selected gas is the most secure, but also easily found after leakage during use and therefore is the most secure way. 3, convenient gas steam boiler in the use, operation is very convenient, so will much favored by all walks of life. Because the use of all natural gas pipeline, a sustained run without any problems. Eliminating the need to transport coal use and clean-up or stacking cinder and other tedious work. 4. Clean the reason why gas steam boiler in the market to get a high rating, but also because it is clean and not contaminated during use, and does not produce black bottom of the pot, there is no air pollution. Thus, in use, compared to other boiler is the cleanest way.

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