Automatic 2000Kg Low Pressure Industry Boiler in Ural

Automatic 2000Kg Low Pressure Industry Boiler in Ural

How to diagnose steam automatic 2000kg low pressure industry boiler in ural water shortage accident occurred when the minimum water level has been below the specified height, but still be able to see the water level gauge height, is slightly dry; when the water level is less than the visual height of water, for serious water shortages. A summary of the following phenomena: (1) partial conventional water drum height lower than a predetermined height of the water; and (2) Ultra-low level alarms, audible alarms, warning lights light initiated; (3) water vapor superheated steam temperature is increased; (4) no conventional water supply, less steam flow; (5) increase the temperature of exhaust gas water vapor.

The latest was informed Tongling Municipal People's Government issued the "Notice on Tongling City to win the Battle of Blue Sky embodiment", as follows.

First, deepen industrial pollution control

Continuing to promote a comprehensive industrial pollution discharge standards, increase penalties and excessive joint disciplinary efforts, not discharge standards of the enterprise to suspend for rectification according to law. Implementation covering all stationary sources of emissions permits enterprise system, before the end of 2020 to complete the trade provisions of the license issued discharge permit management directory.

Carry iron and steel, cement, nonferrous metals, thermal power, coking, casting and other key industries and ports, shipping, coal-fired boilers fugitive emissions investigation, the establishment of management accounting, before the end of 2019 to complete the material (including waste) transportation, handling, storage, transfer and process fugitive emissions such as in-depth treatment.

Second, the continued implementation of the total coal consumption control, strict implementation of coal consumption reduction instead. By 2020 the city's coal consumption control in less than 13 million tons of coal accounts for the proportion of total energy consumption to decline further. Strict implementation of new coal projects coal reduction instead. Added support for the power industry outside of iron and steel, chemicals, nonferrous metals and other industries coal projects, the implementation of coal consumption reduction of 1.5 times alternatives. Increased focus on bulk coal remediation efforts. High-pollution fuel combustion zone ban bulk coal sales all clear.

Third, the implementation of the "coal to gas" and "electricity instead of coal." Strengthening the capacity of natural gas supply security, promote glazed tiles, casting and other industries natural gas instead of coal gasification project, orderly implementation of coal-fired facilities from coal to gas. Combined with regional and industry energy characteristics, and actively promote the implementation of "electricity instead of coal" in the field of industrial production, transportation, agricultural production, living and so on.

Fourth, continue to strengthen the supervision of the boiler. Consolidate the results of rectification of small coal-fired boiler, make sure the rebound does not occur, a citywide ban on new 35 tons of steam per hour and coal-fired boilers. Increase efforts to eliminate small coal-fired boilers. Dynamically updated list management coal-fired boiler, built-up area City 35 tons of steam per hour coal-fired boilers by the end of 2019 total phase-out or implementation of clean energy alternatives; retention of six chemical companies 2 130 tons of steam per hour of coal-fired boilers to complete all energy saving and ultra-low emissions transformation.

Fifth, strengthen the bulk coal governance. Strictly implement the "Interim Measures for commercial coal quality management" (National Development and Reform Commission Order No. 16) and technical standards for coal-fired boilers, in-depth implementation of bulk coal remediation crucial action, and strictly implement the ban on burning areas prohibit the use of high-polluting coal for fuel measures. To strengthen the management and control of coal-fired coal. Ongoing monthly coal quality sampling, and promote enterprises to increase coal-fired coal reform efforts.

Coal-fired industrial automatic 2000kg low pressure industry boiler in urals need to pay attention to what the transformation of coal-fired industrial boilers need to pay attention to what 1, before removal of the original boiler transformation of the original boiler should be removal of the original main and auxiliary boilers, special demolition work carried out by professionals, so that the whole demolition work done faster to prevent accidents during the removal process. 2, note that the pressure of the boiler, the boiler combustion medium small conversion to gases, but also the original draft combustion into the combustion pressure. In this process, the user needs to pay particular attention to the structure of the whole furnace walls and seal. If the sealing performance is not good, can not withstand the pressure of the boiler, accidents will happen. 3, furnace conversion factor; in many cases the gas burner for the time, because the fuel atomization poor or incomplete combustion furnace gas surplus will be subject to any influence of fire or explosion caused by carelessness, so the transformation is complete should be appropriate where blast doors were installed to prevent the explosion, while increasing the ignition flameout protection device to ensure the safe operation of the boiler; 4, after the transformation test, the need for complex trials to determine the safety after the transformation of high-quality boiler sex. Common method of detection is the pressure after the high-pressure water boiler transformation test. Finally, only after the tests meet the standard, boiler to complete renovation work.

From the current point of view, the development process in condensing automatic 2000kg low pressure industry boiler in ural technology, durability testing and lifetime heat exchanger of the boiler itself have been fully achieved and improvements.

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