buy mercial hot water boiler in Gyumri

buy mercial hot water boiler in Gyumri

The type of fuel gas steam boiler heat exchanger which heat exchanger fuel gas steam boiler are the following:? 1, shell and tube heat exchanger, the most widely used, the advantages of low cost, stable, moderate efficiency, cold pressure difference on both sides can heat. The disadvantage is that bulky, heat exchange efficiency is better plate heat exchanger; 2, plate heat exchanger, used in the thermal type tube slightly inferior, but the application of more heat exchange in the chemical industry, the advantage of small size, heat transfer efficiency. The disadvantage is the high price, the hot and cold sides of the small pressure difference is required; 3, volume of heat exchanger, substantially replace the two heat exchangers, seldom used, only the individual engineers also use sepia heart. Cost and volume of the tubular flat; 4, floating coil heat exchanger, a tubular outer shape slightly larger than the column, consistent with the principles of heat transfer tube type, but the efficiency is higher than the column tube below the plate. Since the service life is inferior tubular, is also substantially free of the use of such a heat exchanger; 5, soda heater, because there is no heat exchange process, so called soda heater. The principle is to use direct steam heating the water, so this process is used under certain conditions, rarely applied to the "heat" process, widely used for slaughtering, bathing, winter construction industry.

18-20 May 2017, ISH heating HVAC industry event successfully held in Beijing International Exhibition Center. Fast boiler latest on-line premix vacuum buy mercial hot water boiler in gyumri landmark "Thalia T6" and coupled steam boiler, "Euromonitor θ5" series of products also opened a mysterious veil, show it to all visitors.

Steam boiler safety valve Di installation and adjustment of safety valves for steam boilers, the importance of self-evident purpose is to protect the safe operation of steam boilers Di, when the medium pressure in the steam boiler or pipe rises, exceeds the specified value automatically open, steam boiler safety shutdown. Safety valve so important, then for Di install it, what should What precautions do, the author based on years of experience, special summarized below. A safety valve safety valve should be installed after Di hydrostatic test boiler installation is complete, should be adjusted safety valve operating pressure during the initial Stoke. Adjusted in accordance with the National Labor Safety Technical Supervision Regulation Administration steam boiler 143 Table 7-2 a predetermined pressure. Second, adjusting the opening of the safety valve remove the pin, removing the top cover, loosen the hexagon nuts and screwing the adjustment screw, to relax or tighten the spring to achieve the required exhaust pressure relief valve. After adjusting tighten the lock nut, and then the remaining parts installed properly. When the valve reaches the predetermined setting pressure should seal, valve unless verify, at any other time does not allow unauthorized disassembly seals. First, when adjusting the safety valve, the water level in the drum should be slightly lower than normal water levels, and water ready at any time after the safety valve can open. Secondly, do not striking any part of the safety valve, the safety valve can only open the lever on the valve. Finally, in the former boiler safety valve is not adjusted absolutely prohibited.

On the "low nitrogen" process, the use of international tip side quickly premix, the FGE other combustion flue gas recirculation techniques, starting from the different positions of the boiler, the nitrogen oxide emissions fall again, less than has been achieved 18 mg / cubic meter remarkable results.

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