good use hot water boiler in Aktobe

good use hot water boiler in Aktobe

Compared with ordinary boilers condensing boiler, where advantages: in the boiler market, called "condensing" boiler boiler products are popular, then this condensing boiler What prominent place it, compared with ordinary boilers, What are the advantages of it?

What harm boiler fouling scale of poor thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity than the boiler plate several times to hundreds of times, so after scaling the boiler will be a serious impediment to heat transfer and cause the following hazards:? 1 waste of fuel, will contribute to reduce boiler fouling seriously affected heat transfer, reduce the thermal efficiency and reduce the steam output and increase fuel consumption. 2 can lead to an accident, after the birth knot scale, the heat of the metal due to heat transfer obstruction scale is difficult to affect the safe operation of the boiler water heating surface, resulting in a sharp increase in metal wall temperature, when the temperature exceeds the allowable metal can withstand temperature, the metal strength is significantly reduced, thereby resulting in overheating of the metal deformation, bulge will result, severe fractures, and even burst pipes and other accidents. 3. clogging pipes, fouling the water if the destruction of the water cycle, it will reduce the flow area, increasing the water flow resistance, disruption of normal circulation, but also completely congested the pipe, tube rupture or cause. 4. Corrosion caused by dirt, shortening the life of the boiler after the boiler scale and corrosion under the scale can also cause harm. Some compact structure or complex structure of the boiler, once the heating surface fouling, it is extremely difficult to remove, severe had to use Wabu, pipe cutting measures such as exchange repair, not only big expense, but also the heating surface is severely damaged. All of these hazards will greatly shorten the life of the boiler.

New Year period, Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province seized by special pressure class inspectors seize the time, nonstop, through the tireless efforts have seven working days, the time limit runs successfully completed the Tongchuan city water quality testing and inspection work hundred sets of heating boilers.

In recent years, with the state-owned enterprises "three for one industry," the pace of the transfer of a separate depth step by step, in 2019, Tongchuan City Gas Co., Ltd. and Tongchuan Mining Co., Ltd. together for the original Tongchuan Coal mining companies and construction companies and their subsidiaries heating boiler units of unified management, are responsible for heating in winter work Yintai District and Wang Yi district within the city limits and nearly 30 residential units.

After receiving the application of these reported that construction of heating boilers, special prosecutor of the city leadership attaches great importance to immediately convene all pressure classes held inspectors "to ensure safety, promote harmony" will mobilize, deploy test the backbone of the boiler units get together and reported in accordance with inspection, quantity, wide distribution and other characteristics, develop a reasonable and effective inspection plan, centralized arrangements for the inspection of boiler units, inspectors have extensive under the jurisdiction of the Meiyuan district, dragon community, nearly 30 residential and hospital infrastructure companies run first-line heating boilers, boiler to run one by one test, carried out investigation and security risks, all currently in operation has successfully completed a water quality testing and inspection of boilers, boiler inspection a total of 101 units, 90 water samples boiler. In the access to information process safety management of the outstanding problems that exist in the use of boiler units, in accordance with the relevant regulations and safety requirements of technical specifications, targeted proposed guidance. During the inspection the boiler, for general questions, on-site supervision and the use of units of the rectification. Meanwhile, the inspection found two Royal River Area of ​​boiler pressure parts leak is still sick to run for the safety problems on the spot requires the use of units to stop using the site issued a "special equipment inspection and opinions notice" to use the unit under and timely reported to the Council and served on equipment safety supervision departments seat safety supervision departments to actively supervise the use of the unit for rectification, at present, the use of hidden problems rectification units have been completed, the re-examination confirmed that security risks have been eliminated, effectively guarantee the safe and stable operation of the boiler .

The main components of a 1 ton natural gas steam boiler:

1. Furnace: a value that ensures that the boiler fuel is burned out and the outlet flue gas temperature is cooled to a safe working condition on the convective heating surface;

2. Economizer The feed water is heated by the heat of the flue gas at the end of the boiler to reduce the exhaust gas temperature and save fuel.

3. Drum: The heating surfaces of the boiler are connected together and form a water circulation loop with the water cooling wall and the descending pipe. The drum is stored in soda water, which can adapt to load changes. There is a steam-water separation device inside to ensure the quality of the steam and water. The DC boiler has no drum.

4. water-cooling wall: The main radiation heating surface of the boiler, absorbing the radiant heat of the furnace, heating the working medium, and protecting the furnace wall.

5. Combustion equipment: the fuel and the air required for combustion are sent to the furnace and the fuel is ignited and burned well;

6. Air preheater: air for heating fuel to enhance ignition and combustion; absorb residual heat of flue gas, reduce exhaust gas temperature, and improve boiler efficiency.

7. Furnace wall: It is the protective casing of the boiler, which acts as a seal and heat preservation. Heavy-duty furnace walls for small boilers can also function as support for boiler components.

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