vertical 9900 kw oil fired hot water boiler in Karaganda

vertical 9900 kw oil fired hot water boiler in Karaganda

How to use cheap coal-fired boiler, gas boiler and vertical 9900 kw fired hot water boiler in karaganda: gas steam boiler burner underlying mode, two-pass configuration, the fuel combustion, the boiler operation is stable and take up less space, while the spoiler is inserted smoke tube, slowing exhaust speed, increase heat transfer, high thermal efficiency, reduce user costs of coal-fired boilers, gas boilers, to achieve environmental protection, energy saving effect. Dust content of exhaust gas can be reduced by 30% to 40%. Mounting position: the oil pump is mounted between the nozzle and the combustion chamber or the ambient temperature should not exceed 360 ℃. Combustion apparatus exhaust gas discharged air pollution is greatly reduced. An exhaust gas of carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), hydrocarbons (HC) and other harmful components greatly reduced, harmful exhaust gases reduced by 50%.

Application of heating Boiler Control systemThe heating boiler is equipped with a special microcomputer controller for vertical 9900 kw fired hot water boiler in karaganda, large screen full Chinese liquid crystal screen, with super bright backlight, no matter day or night, the operation status of the boiler is clearly visible. Complete display: circulating pump working condition, burner working condition, furnace water temperature, water level, current time, alarm record, etc., boiler operation condition is all available; Easy to set: after the boiler starts, the operator can enter the standby state (setting), enter the running state (start), exit the running state (stop), and set the running parameters at will when the boiler is on standby. Full-featured: you can set the current time at any time , alarm temperature, water temperature upper limit temperature, water temperature lower limit temperature, circulating pump opening temperature, circulating pump closing temperature, boiler switching time (can be divided into 4 time periods) and other operating parameters. Usually the operator just press; start the start key, press; Stop the key stop can, very simple use of the original imported burner, fully automatic programmed control, fan automatic blowing, electronic automatic ignition, automatic combustion of oil and gas, air and oil (gas) automatic proportional adjustment, atomization effect is good, combustion is full, Energy-saving and environmental protection, with extinguishing protection device to ensure the safety of combustion. Under normal conditions, the burner output automatically adjusts the length of the combustion flame with the boiler temperature When the outlet temperature of the boiler reaches the set value, the burner automatically stops burning, and when the temperature is below the set value, the burner starts to work automatically. When the fuel and intake air are abnormal, the fault light is on, the program control device will stop outputting the fuel immediately, and the burner will stop automatically.

How to deal with Henan, gas-fired burner fault? Henan burner gas boilers are generally spray liquid, gas combustion, so smooth fuel injection and ignition becomes a necessary condition, a German boiler summed up the four points of failure, namely, ignition misfire stick, stick ignition spark but not on fire, extinguished or flashing when the fuel injection instability intensified, large burner noise causes of these problems are not the same, a German Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Weinan spent vigorously before collected over. The first reason, Henan gas-fired burner ignition misfire produced rod has several aspects, plugging cracks, moisture, leakage, ignition gap distances different rods, skin damage, short circuit, improper operation of these reasons are not generated timing of maintenance As a result, the fault is not present it is difficult to process, as long as the gas-fired burner cleaning Henan, renewal, lane changing from the ignition rod can be solved. Henan also gas-fired burner ignition spark rod is mainly due to clogging of misfire, poor ventilation, the throttle angle is set too small, the distance from the leading edge tip of the firing rod inappropriate oil nozzle, the first solenoid valve is heteroaryl oil gun clogging, strainer clogging the pump itself, water and other large oil, this solution needs to be more trouble Henan, gas-fired burner cleaning, renewal, debugging, testing and other means.

Recently, Shanxi Province issued a notice "Shanxi win the Battle of Blue Sky 2019 action plan" for the atmospheric environment management direction, the total annual target put forward concrete implementation of the program, as follows.

1, to promote the boiler depth treatment. October 1, 2019, with the province and more than 65 tons of steam coal-fired boilers and located in built-up areas of cities and counties in coal-fired heating boilers, biomass boilers to complete a full ultra-low emissions transformation. Actively promote the orderly transformation of gas boiler low NOx combustion. 2019, the province completed 232 sets of 19060 tons of steam boiler low nitrogen gas Combustion Technology, 40 407 tons of steam boilers ultra-low emission biomass transformation, 907 sets of 4160 tons of steam boiler low NOx combustion gas transformation.

2, continue to carry out special treatment industrial furnaces. The inclusion of 2018 --2019 autumn and winter ban out of the scope of the comprehensive management of air pollution crucial action of industrial furnaces (coal-fired stove in key areas and non-ferrous industry, coal-fired kilns, coal-fired reverberatory furnace, coal-fired lead melting pot and lead electric boiler, coal-fired heating in the cogeneration heating pipe network coverage, kiln drying, etc.) to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, to ensure the elimination ban in place. Expected annual industrial furnaces out of 147 units, industrial furnace-depth treatment of 629 units.

3, vigorously promote clean winter heating. Full use of the complete transformation of the ultra-low emission cogeneration units and large central heating boiler, cogeneration and district heating based, coal to electricity, coal gas and other clean energy sources, supplemented priority to the township as a unit, take piece together the transformation of the way, instead of living and bulk coal for heating.

4, strengthen management and control bulk coal, municipal or county government to promptly clean heating has been completed the transformation of the area designated as a "ban on coal zone" prohibiting bulk coal entering, to prevent the resurgence of loose coal; energy management department should be organized to make clean coal supply protection; market supervision and management departments to increase coal quality sampling, civil bulk coal company coal sales monthly sampling coverage to more than 10%, the annual sampling coverage to 100%.

5, the implementation of total coal consumption control. Optimize the use of coal structure, non-power coal in 2019 substantially reduced compared to last year, accounting for the province to improve coal for power generation coal consumption ratio.

7, shutting down out of substandard small coal-fired units. In the case with cogeneration heating conditions, shutting down the integration of 300,000 kilowatts and heating in the range of 15 kilometers radius of more coal-fired heating boilers and coal-fired units is not up to the small thermal power generating units. In 2019 the province out of 300,000 kilowatts or less is not up to five coal-fired units, 1.02 million kilowatts.

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