electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in Jakarta

electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in Jakarta

Note: the reset button continuously pressed for longer than 10 seconds. A lower portion of the combustor air inlet must be clean, clean, debris allowed. 2, a burner ignition does not succeed, you should restart the electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in jakarta fan, ventilation until five minutes before they start to run for a second ignition burner. 3, during normal operation, the thermal device near the burner portion (e.g., flange connection, etc.) will be very hot, to avoid burns. Do not place near flammable materials, so as not to cause a fire. 4, the operation of the boiler circulating pump must be closely monitored and the hot water boiler pressure, natural gas sub-packet, pipe valves, pressure gauges, flow meters, level gauge and other work. 5, when the door is opened or observe the flame from the furnace door, the fireman personnel should wear gloves, and observed sideways. 6, operation of the burner to keep clean and dry environment, especially flame detector (i.e. electric eye) should be kept clean, can not damp the control circuit portion, the high temperature; class burner to be cleaned and maintenance time. 7, the filter during use, the fuel should contain impurities, the clean regularly check or replace the filter cartridge. 8, inspection of electrical installations, including: whether the damaged wire, jacket damage, without loosening the screws, the contact is good, aspects of the motor running any abnormal sound and so on.

How the electric water electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in jakarta maintenance shutdown

Weather gets warmer, electric hot water boiler heating season many are also beginning to use the outage. But even the shutdown of the boiler, we can not ignore the maintenance of electric water boiler, furnace inside and outside to prevent corrosion problems arise. Well, you know how the future electric water boiler shutdown maintain it?

1, the electric water boiler shutdown after cooling, the elimination of the heating surface fouling and ash grate the upper, lower part of the furnace.

2, to maintain a certain degree of natural ventilation flue. In general, in order desiccant moisture should be placed in the furnace, flue. If quicklime as a drying agent, needs to be placed within about 3kg lime per cubic meter flue or furnace, should be closely placed after all the vent door closed. Need to be replaced after lime turn pink. Low-lying position as boiler room, ground during shutdown severe flood tide, often approach should be used and placed a small fire to dry desiccant combination. If the boiler shutdown a long time, after the complete removal of soot coated with an anti-corrosion red lead paint in oil or other metal surface furnace.

3, as anti-corrosion maintenance methods inside the furnace shutdown, the shutdown Yaoan the length of time to be. In general, no more than one month shutdown maintenance wet available, more than one month should be taken to maintain dry.

Fast electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in jakarta is a research and development, manufacturing, sales of clean fuel boilers and boiler clean combustion technology of high-tech enterprises, the existing national standards for a research and development center and two manufacturing area, manufacturing area of ​​120,000 square meters, is the industry's leading boiler clean fuel boiler production base, products are exported to dozens of countries and regions. Fast boiler to "create a character, and create boutique" business philosophy, continuing research and constantly improve the technological content of products to close to user needs, to "create a convenient and efficient boiler boutique users" for the mission, independent research and development of remote monitoring system design provide convenient and efficient services to customers through proactive visits and other channels; to "life professional, work lean" as the core values, the establishment of an effective enterprise management system system, has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, OHSA18001 occupational health and safety management system and ISO14001 environmental management system certification; and train a large number of codes of conduct, business specialization, continuous committed to providing customers a more convenient and efficient services of highly qualified staff.

Breweries gas hot water electric heating water tube hot water boiler prices in jakarta project analytical applications of gas hot water boiler is relatively more extensive, which is used in the brewing company's gas hot water boiler project are also many facets below take you to do simple understanding. Because in the process of brewing purity of wine, wine production and so need a good supporting gas hot water boiler, then the response to this demand, the gas hot water boiler Brewing Company project, we are in the following areas before implementation of the project to be taken into points: the boiler 1 in selecting an appropriate selection of the gas hot water boiler model, to take into account the actual situation of the boiler room brewer; selected taking into account the particular use in a boiler brewing company, in particular What criteria heating is an integrated hot water boiler parameters were considered. So these factors into account, in accordance with the special requirements of comprehensive evaluation, will basically create a reasonable selection of boiler program, the project has also been a good basic foundation. 2. The running cost of boiler under normal circumstances, in the course of the boiler selection, according to the country's current environmental standards, choose clean energy boilers will be more customers, mainly gas, biomass, electric boilers, etc., we can first of all operating costs do a simple analysis of the data in the table by: according to the standard considering the actual situation, gas hot water boiler operating costs are relatively low, then for brewing company in terms of creating more output per unit of time, while safe boiler , stability are relatively good, basically, is a more reasonable choice, therefore, this standard, the relative sense with gas hot water boiler is more cost effective. 3. With the boiler emission standards become more stringent national environmental policy, the choice of the boiler, in particular, to ensure that emissions from boilers meet emissions standards even lower than the national requirements, so that on the one hand to achieve the effect of emissions compliance on the other hand , so that full use of waste heat discharged flue gas, to enhance the thermal efficiency of the boiler, reducing an exhaust gas treatment costs, it can be said to serve two purposes. Of course, gas hot water boiler brewing company in the selection process, far more than these measures, this is only part of it. All in all, a good wine company fired hot water boiler project is to ensure security and stability on the basis of lower costs, reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, raise productivity.

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