High quality boiler in food processing industry in Nam Dinh

High quality boiler in food processing industry in Nam Dinh

types of steam high quality boiler in food processing industry in nam dinhs

Steam boilers can be used in food factories for food processing, disinfection, sterilization, cooking, etc. In paper mills, steam boilers can be used for pulping, drying, etc. Steam boilers are the main heat source equipment and power equipment that are indispensable in industrial production.

Recently, Jinan City, Shandong Province People's Government issued and implemented the "2018 Beijing and Tianjin and the surrounding regions - 2019 autumn and winter tackling air pollution comprehensive management action plan" to inform the implementation of the program, requires the consolidation of ambient air quality improvement achievements, promote air quality continues to improve. On October 1, 2018 to March 31, March 2019, and all the city county fine particulate matter (of PM2.5) mean concentrations fell more than 2%, severe pollution and over several days up declining.

"Implementation plan" will be based on four construction industry, energy, transport and land use optimization adjustments to promote clean heating, public transferrin, enterprises mentioned standard upgrade, dust remediation, focusing on the consolidation of "scattered pollution" enterprise comprehensive rectification results, ruthless grasping diesel trucks, industrial furnaces and rectification of volatile organic compounds, heavy pollution to the implementation of the weather in autumn and winter peak load shifting production to strengthen joint prevention and control among regions, strengthen law enforcement supervision.

1, continued implementation of the total coal consumption control, strict implementation of national, provincial coal consumption reduction of about alternative work arrangements, and the development of alternatives seriously implement the Jinan City, the work reduction of coal consumption, coal consumption control tasks break down into individual counties, total coal consumption to achieve a steady decline. 2018, the city's total coal consumption control in less than 17.14 million tons.

2, effectively promote clean heating to the town (street) or the county as a unit as a whole. As of 2020, the city's pre-season heating living and improve the basic motivation for heating coal for alternative tasks, to develop a three-year implementation program to determine the annual task of governance. Taking into account the agricultural greenhouses, animal building bulk coal governance and to proceed with energy-saving buildings to improve energy efficiency. The county should proceed from reality, according to local conditions, reasonably determine the transformation of technical route, should the electric power, gas should the gas, the coal should be coal, should be hot is hot, and actively promote the use of solar thermal and centralized biomass utilization; adhere to highlight focus, give priority to urban life and motivation for heating gas demand, priority to promoting the urban bulk coal cleared. Gas will adhere to the reform, to change the electric set, on the basis of priority to the protection of residents in 2017 has started "coal to gas," "coal to electricity" project on gas electricity, gas and new year according to the actual supply and heating period the ability to reasonably determine the residents' coal to gas, "" coal to electricity "households; insist on legislation after the break, substitution of gas for coal to electricity instead of coal and other alternatives, in the implementation of air power is not the case, the original heating facilities will not be removed. In accordance with national, provincial requirements, to complete the clean winter heating construction tasks 33000.

3, complete replacement of the bulk coal areas to be designated as high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban in accordance with the provisions, shall not be burning coal for use again. Severely crack down on sales of low quality coal combustion, to ensure the quality of coal used in line with national and local coal quality standards.

H4: Other.

3, gas steam boiler feed pump should be set to standby, when a maximum feed pump stops running, the rest of the total flow of boiler should meet all running at rated to 110% of the required evaporation of the water; Save when the boiler room is provided with when the temperature of the device or accumulator, to the total flow rate of the pump should be included in their water consumption.

4, the same single or multiple boiler steam pressure, to choose two or more pumps operating in parallel, if the water supply main pipe, it is possible to use two pumps with a prepared, and frequency of water supply, not only to reduce power consumption, but also the water pressure is stable, although one-time investment is relatively large, but by the frequency energy saving measures, usually 3 to 4 years can recover the investment cost.

5, gas steam boiler steam feed pump to pump emergency reserve, the flow should meet all operating at the rated boiler evaporation amount required to give 20% to 40% of the water. Only with a power load of the boiler feed pumps stop running and will not cause the boiler water, without providing TDBFP, general industrial enterprises of the non-power plant boiler room does not have such conditions, it is necessary to set up.

Industrial high quality boiler in food processing industry in nam dinh feed pump structures: boiler feed pump adapted to transport water or physical and chemical properties a temperature below 110 ° C similar to other non-corrosive liquid water, boiler feed water, and is widely used in municipal water supply of mining enterprises . DG Series pumps are especially suitable for boiler feed water, it can also be widely used in pressure vessel water supply, hot water circulation, high-rise building water supply, irrigation, fire booster, water washing, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, chemical industry, aquaculture, environmental protection and other industries. The main structure: the pump inlet, outlet are vertically upwards, the rotor is balanced by the axial force balance disc. Seal packing seal may also be a mechanical seal. Rotor bearing only DG85-80, DG85-67, DG155-67 sliding bearings, oil lubrication, rolling bearings are used in other pumps. 1, pump housing section

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