Energy Saving Oil or Gas fired Hot Water Boiler for Heating in Hue

Energy Saving Oil or Gas fired Hot Water Boiler for Heating in Hue

Main contents of boiler energy efficiency test:

1. Boiler thermal efficiency test: a) determination of boiler evaporation; b) boiler excess air coefficient detection; c) exhaust smoke temperature detection; d) fuel combustion efficiency test; e) boiler thermal efficiency test; f) fuel consumption; g) Steam to coal ratio.

2. Boiler new product stereotyped energy efficiency test: Determine whether the boiler thermal performance indicators are consistent with the design and determine the operation mode of the equipment. Such as boiler evaporation, boiler thermal efficiency, combustion efficiency, various heat losses and so on.

3. Boiler operation adjustment test: Determine the most economical operation mode of the boiler and identify defects in the boiler operation. Such as boiler maximum load, boiler minimum load, fuel requirements, economic load, reasonable exhaust gas temperature, optimum wind coal ratio, excess air ratio, secondary air ratio and so on.

4. Comparative test of thermal performance before and after boiler reform: changes in evaporation, effects of combustion, thermal efficiency of boilers, etc.

5, fuel industry analysis, elemental analysis: to judge the quality of oil, gas and other fuels, easy for enterprises to control the quality of fuel into the plant.

6, water quality testing, scale analysis: determine the quality of water, control the boiler water indicators to prevent boiler fouling.

Henan gas boiler surroundings in claim (1) prohibition of the various stacked Henan combustible gas in the boiler room, not allowed to bake anything Henan gas boiler and steam pipes. Cotton wipe oil equipment, oil rag to a safe place. (2) prohibit incineration in Henan gas boiler waste paper, waste wood, linoleum and other waste, to avoid causing a chimney fire fly, ignite surrounding combustibles. Around (3) Henan gas boiler can not be an ignition source is not close to the other heating boiler pipeline equipment. In addition, we must pay particular attention: Once Henan gas boiler appears dry (red-hot), turn off the power immediately, open all exports, remove the burner. Prohibited immediately cold water into the furnace body should wait until the natural cooling. In order to avoid or reduce the casualties caused by the explosion of a gas boiler and its social, economic losses, we can adopt a more efficient boiler explosion-proof alarm system. For example, possible to detect the concentration of combustible gas leak sensors and alarms. Domestic and now have been developed using a gas sensor, a gas leak can be utilized, for measuring combustible concentration to alert the boiler furnace. The alarm high sensitivity, fast response time made of semiconductor material, the combustible gas sensor feel gas leak alarm immediately. Water spray system can be used as preventive measures early boiler fire and explosion. With the development of technology, artificial intelligence, and more high-tech will be applied to prevent an explosion in Henan gas boiler in the past.

Solutions and prevention of gas oil-fired boiler flameout Today we'll resolve what about gas fuel boiler flameout solutions and prevention fuel gas-fired boiler flameout Solution: First, the furnace pressure gauge indicates the value suddenly increases, the furnace black can not see the flame, burning furnace sounds disappear, extinguishing the flame supervision devices emit a signal; the temperature dropped sharply atmospheric pressure, the water level dropped after the first rise, and so are flameout phenomenon. Auxiliary flame caused by an accident, such as a fan, blower power interruption, there is an accident signal emitted; fuel supply as a result of intermittent, the boiler is oil or gas pressure drops to zero, only a single burner flame, the furnace may also be thrown skew central flame extinguished burner pressure change; as a result of the fuel supply interruption, the extinguished burner pressure or hydraulic indication may drop to zero, and the fuel consumption, the gas pressure is increased other operating burner. Causes gas boiler flameout are: sudden increase in gas pressure caused from the fire, the solenoid valve malfunction the gas supply interruption, the gas composition has changed so much moisture content is too high and so on. Blower, fan failure, the load is too low furnace pressure is too large excessive leakage and other excessive wind, so that the furnace temperature is too low can also cause the boiler flame. Cause misfire has oil-fired boiler: oil pump failure, the oil surface is exposed inhalation tube, clogging of the oil filter or oil supply pipe, a solenoid valve malfunction or misoperation caused by oil running intermittently. During transport the fuel with steam by heating water; inappropriate position inhalation tube with the pumping of water; improper contaminated oil floating on the water; poor dewatering tank drain plug such that the fuel with water. After the explosion should be taken to prevent the furnace boiler flameout, it must immediately cut off the fuel supply to the furnace, and then block the electromagnetic valve of the gas supply valve to seal off the fuel supply to run the burner. When the action to be fast in order to avoid inheritance or restore fuel supply during operation, causing the furnace explosion. And identify the cause of boiler flameout troubleshooting find a good job and then start the preparatory work. Before starting the boiler should be enhanced ventilation purge, purge time is more than 5min, then procedures ignition. It is forbidden to send fuel directly to the high-temperature furnace without using an ignition spark ignition device to prevent furnace explosions. If due to fan failure caused when the flame should be quickly cordoned off the fuel supply line of each valve, with special attention because the valve is not tight blockade caused by leaking fuel. Ventilation and purging of the furnace and flue in accordance with the approach of an emergency shutdown. Ignition step by step in the recovery operation after the fan. Single burner flame burner only block the fuel supply valve, the burner off a small damper identifying and troubleshooting and then re-ignition by the ignition process. Boiler flameout of prevention: For oil-fired boiler should minimize the possibility of fuel transport, storage and handling of water in all sectors. Tank initiative measures should dehydration and dehydration on schedule. In any case, it should ensure the security of oil supply. The supply of oil and acceptance testing, cutting oil change when the master species. When a large change in oil types, varieties and the need for the oil tank to store the original varieties contaminated test to determine whether the same storage tank, to prevent the density and viscosity differences between a large number of decomposed oil mixed insoluble material, clogging oil pipeline. For the operation of the gas boiler should be closely monitoring the evolution of gas pressure, the timely processing of exceptions thrown up air pressure, ensure the supply pressure in the normal range. To always understand, repair gas composition, gas composition changes when large, to take the necessary adjustment measures on the boiler operation.

Jingdong, typical Chinese-style self-employed business enterprise, has its Jingdong Mall, Jingdong financial, Jingdong intelligence department. May 2014 in the US Nasdaq stock exchange officially listed. 2018 "Fortune" Global 500 list of the 181. Fast boiler, A-class boiler manufacturing unit, Class 1 boiler installation company, more than 20 years dedicated to the development of clean fuel energy equipment, manufacturing and sales. The introduction of low nitrogen emission boiler is the first time in a market-oriented approach using FGR technology products, as guardian of the "APEC blue" gave their part.

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