wns type vacuum hot water boiler in Hoi An

wns type vacuum hot water boiler in Hoi An

Analysis of how the production side if the vacuum boiler formal professional formal professional vacuum producers able to provide professional boiler to the public, targeted one-design, and can provide a more professional and authoritative vacuum boiler system plan to the public, can guarantee exact best standards in the industry, may have the most cost-effective high-performance, make sure you buy other financial burden does not exist, and the characteristics and safety of use, it can get the best authority standards.

August 10, 2018, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the working pot), the National Boiler and Pressure Vessel Standardization Technical Committee of Professional Committee of boiler energy conservation (hereinafter referred to as the Commission) was held in Chengdu, organizational GB / T16508 "shell boilers" revision of the second meeting of the reported revision of the second meeting, the main author of this standard, pot capacity standard Committee appointed sub-standard boiler, the special committee secretariat a total of 10 experts attended the meeting.

Organized by the Shanghai Institute of Industrial Boiler Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager, committee chairman Wang Shanwu chair. He said the main author of the unit where the standard of support GB / T16508 standard revision of thanks and hope the standard revision process experts complement each other, support each other, the GB / T16508 benchmark revision as the boiler industry standardization work seriously treat, carefully modified. Amended in accordance with the basic principles of the first meeting to determine, in addition to technical support for the "Boiler Safety Technology Supervision" (referred to as "Boiler Rules"), but also take into account the needs of industrial boiler manufacturing enterprises, between consideration and GB / T16507 harmonization. At the same time listen to opinions, to further enrich the standard revision work force, give full play to industry leading products representative firm.

Yung pot boiler Technical Committee Standards Committee Secretary-General Zhang Rui introduced GB / T16507.1 "The first part of the water-tube boilers: General" and GB / T16507.2 "The second part of the water-tube boilers: material" revised draft of the general framework and main content.

Money Fenghua special committee Secretary-General reported on the GB / T16508 since revised "shell boilers" start, the main author of each criterion according to the revised terms of reference and requirements, the completion of the GB / T16508-2013 "shell boilers" since the implementation of the views of summary each sub-standard and contrast "boiler rules" (issued), the sub-standard job descriptions revised terms.

GB / T16508 the sub-standard main author of this according to the relevant sub-standard content and "Boiler Rules" (draft for approval) comparing the results of the relevant sub-standard and harmonized need to modify the content of the standard version 13 implementation of the existing problems and proposed amendments analyze and explain proposed amendments focus on the sub-standard and major amendments envisaged.

Experts on key issues related to the sub-standard for the exchange and discussion to reach a consensus on major revisions of this standard and requirements.

Meeting according to GB / T16508 revision schedule requirements, arranged next phase of work, the following:

1. Revision of Standards fleshed out power to complete the Standards Working Group set up before the end of August;

2. Please carefully review the main author of each standard GB / T16508.1 ~ 16508.8 major amendments description, and recommend changes, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat by August 25;

3.GB/T16508 the sub-standard main author collected the views, modify the preparation of the draft (draft) on the basis of the draft text, submitted to the Shanghai International Industry pot special committee secretariat on September 30.

The design of steam boiler is generally three-way, wet-back, eccentric furnace, asymmetric structure of different boiler forms will have its own unique operation mode and characteristics. Has its own certain operating principle. The recent weather is a bit abnormal, either snowy or haze, so, in this kind of weather, how does the steam boiler water injector function normally? Steam boiler water injectors have single and double tubes, usually. Several types of upper suction and pressure type, the application of single tube upper suction type, consisting of shell, steam nozzle, suction nozzle, backstop pad, mixing nozzle and jet nozzle several parts. The water injector is easy to operate and convenient to install. The water absorption height is less than 2 meters, the water temperature does not exceed 40 ℃. When injecting water into a steam boiler, it is necessary to open the steam valve a little first, so that a small amount of steam enters the water injector and ejects from the steam nozzle. The air near the steam nozzle enters with the steam and is discharged with the overflow valve, and a vacuum is formed in the water injector. The water in the tank is subjected to atmospheric pressure and enters the water injector from the suction pipe. Increase the opening of steam valve, a large amount of steam into the mixing mouth mixed with water. The mixture of water gets the kinetic energy of the steam and enters the nozzle at high speed. Because the inlet nozzle diameter gradually expands, the speed of mixing water slows down, the pressure increases to greater than the pressure in the pan, push open the check valve to enter Inside the pot. Use steam boiler at the same time also pay attention to its regular self-care. The above is the introduction of steam boiler in the operation of the water injector operation process and mode for you.

Which models the steam boiler steam boiler are generally divided by pressure, not by dividing the vapor temperature, and pressure divided by the water vapor temperature is different matches, the matching relation to particular listed below: a general boiler pressure: less than 3.8 MW, two 450 degrees, the high pressure in the boiler: 9.8 MPa or less, 510 to 540 degrees three, an extra high pressure boiler: 13.7 MPa, 555 degrees is less than four, subcritical boiler pressure greater than 16.7 MPa, 555-570 ℃ Xuchang picking vacuum gas boiler note things are what some of the gas-fired boilers | oil-fired boilers | steam boiler environmental equipment Co., a lot of users when picking vacuum gas boiler, because there is no way, often do not know how to sell. Because a lot of series of vacuum gas boiler, not the same layout, different manufacturers, most people do not know by what means of picking, and later continued to teach you their pick of some small knowledge. First, pick the right vacuum gas boiler, we must understand the layout of the vacuum gas boiler, which should set up the equipment debugging in the selection, which should also check and maintenance, and therefore the normal layout must be appropriate to initiate. Secondly, each vacuum gas steam boiler pressure part of the money to have, but when we choose has spent part of this unit which should be picked when the gas boiler series vacuum pay more attention to the needs of another good summary be picking. And then, equally importantly vacuum gas boiler equipment have used a lot, there is a good part complementary efficacy, cost reduction can be more good savings. Therefore, in the days of picking vacuum gas boiler, summary said earlier this something we must pay more attention to, so to be able to pick the right product, good operating more good choice.

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