Industrial energy saving 98 commercial boiler with best price in Razdan

Industrial energy saving 98 commercial boiler with best price in Razdan

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10 ton biomass boiler work in hosptial

Select the textile industrial industrial energy saving 98 commercial boiler with best price in razdans need to pay attention to what mills for industrial boilers need pay attention to what? Our country is not only a large agricultural country, but also a major industrial country, the use of industrial boilers more and more enterprises. Industrial boilers for the chemical industry, pharmaceutical companies, chemical plants, cement plants, steel mills and other thermal energy, these companies plant an important and indispensable component. Even some plants need to arrange inspection departments of routine testing boiler water ph value meets the needs of process water. Visible, the status of industrial boilers in the enterprise is still very important. 1, good safety performance first of all, good safety performance of industrial boilers is worthy of our choice. When we discuss what good quality industrial boiler? Generally assess its safety performance. Industrial boiler explosions message appears often on television and in newspapers, national authorities will also be listed as accidents. As can be seen, in the first place should be safe factory production, it is necessary to select from a trusted manufacturer of industrial boilers, in order to ensure safety. 2, energy saving and environmental protection in recent years, in order for residents to return to the blue sky, the State Environmental Protection Agency inspection of the factory air pollution is particularly strict, while the country has been promoting energy conservation in heavy industry. Specializing in the production of industrial boilers can also be optimized to improve the section, making it meet the national standard industrial energy efficiency and environmental protection. 3, after-sale protection, then, we should choose those aftermarket manufacturer warranty. If a fault occurs industrial boilers, hot water or steam supply system will be cut, the plant will not be able to continue production. If a glitch occurs, the plant can repair overhaul, major fault will need to notify the manufacturer's service sector, and therefore the need for timely and responsible for after-sales service.

Recently, the Changsha City issued a notice on the transformation of low nitrogen gas industrial energy saving 98 commercial boiler with best price in razdan related documents. Details are as follows:

1, a total transformation time for two years, 2019-2020 years.

2, the transformation range: High-tech Zone, Furong District, Tianxin, Kaifu District, Yuhua District, Yuelu District administrative region, the city of hope Gaotangling Subdistrict high Tong Ling Area, Osan streets Yujia slope Area, Lake Daze in the region ban on burning streets, white sandbar streets, moon Island street, Jinshan bridge street, Golden Park street, Xingsha streets of Changsha County, Hunan Long street, Quantang streets, Langli streets, long queue streets, such as the scope of the existing town of Sha It is not less than 1 ton of steam (greater than or equal to the rated power or hot water boiler, organic heat carrier in the boiler 0.7MW) gas boiler (facility) (boiler equipment including special directory outside the range) low nitrogen unit owners embodiments transformation. Or more areas outside the area of ​​self-implementation.

3, the transformation of the standard limits: the new replacement and overall gas boiler Changsha NOx emission is less than 30mg / Nm³; gas boiler (facility) was transformed with the nitrogen oxides emission concentration of less than 50mg / m³.

4, 2019 Task: In addition to the Furong District, Yuhua District, within a range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban other jurisdictions to start the transformation from June 2019, 50% complete gas-fired boiler (facilities) low nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

5, 2020 Tasks: Before the end of October 2020 to complete all gas boilers (facilities) within the range of high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban on low-nitrogen transformation and complete acceptance.

For the system, the system exhaust gas temperature lower than the conventional gas industrial energy saving 98 commercial boiler with best price in razdan, as shown herein, a larger amount of condensate, which requires purification test discussion. Test systems used direct touch touch flue gas condensing heat exchanger, the advantages of this method is that: the touch area greatly added flue gas two-phase flow of water, heat and mass transfer end instant, reaches the heat transfer enhancement effect.

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